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Hi! I'm Pymns ("p-imz") otherwise known as Pete Reisner, a self taught illustrator and graphic designer. I am 29 years old and live happily in Bath, UK with my wife and baby daughter. 

I've always had a powerful inclination for art and creation since a young age. When I discovered music, in particular nu-metal and alternative, I fell headfirst into an exciting culture of bands and records. I loved the artwork, logos and merchandise of my favourite artists so much, I set about designing and branding my very own imaginary band. By the age of 11, and after only a handful of drum lessons, I was recording demos at the family home computer. I produced CD sleeves and coded a bunch of primitive artist profiles on Myspace.

Years later, and with multiple record releases, touring and a music degree in the bag, I turned my focus back to the world of design. I found myself learning the basics of Adobe Illustrator to create art for screen printing t-shirts. 

I now have 4+ years of freelancing full time as an illustrator and graphic designer. I have worked with a number of wonderful clients predominantly in the hospitality sector, to design branding, packaging and promotional print. 

I love drawing and designing bold and expressive characters, typography and logos. But really I am so very grateful to be doing it ALL.

Select clients include: The City Pub Company,  Cattle Shed Brewing Company, Old Dairy Brewery, World Class Willow, Brewed Boy, Imaginary Friends Brewing, The Bath Brew House, Wolf Wine, Kabala Kitchen, Sauce That Rocks.

For enquiries and chatter CONTACT ME.

photo by Thomas Lisle Brooker

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