Label design for a limited edition hot sauce 'Fiery Redhead'. The sauce was cooked up by Sauce That Rocks in collaboration with Bristol based band The St. Pierre Snake Invasion. The fiery redhead pictured is a caricature of St. Pierre's man mountain singer Damien Sayell. 

Purchase Fiery Redhead and listen to The St. Pierre Snake Invasion here


Craft beer and cocktail can design explorations. I've been designing artwork for a number of UK based brewpubs and micro breweries for 4+ years. The designs above are self initiated design explorations for canning beer and cocktails. Brown Water seen here (above right) was brewed by both myself and master brewer Max Cadman at The Bath Brew House, Bath UK. The beer is currently fermenting and will be available on cask at the pub mid November 2020.


Full range of pump clips and beer badge design for Essex Street Brewery, based at the Temple Brew House in central London. Master brewer Vanesa approached me to lift the core range of beers with consistent and bold branding, that would stand up visually against her competitors while looking 'at home' in a popular London brewery & boozer.


Illustration and layout design for the 'Wind Of Change' EP by Swiss punks Lyvten. I was honoured the band approached me to work on the project. I had become good friends with Lyvten while touring in Switzerland with my own band, and had played a number of shows together in Zürich, Bern, Geneva and St Gallen. The imagery was inspired by doomsday and the impending threat of rising sea levels and pollution. The devil is seen hanging here alongside Death himself...Dark stuff. Listen to Lyvten here